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Does Your Business Have A Website?

Has Your Website Been Mobilized?

Are You Using The Latest Search Engine Optimization?

If you were unable to answer YES to each of these questions chances are you are giving the competition a competitive edge.  We can HELP bring that edge to YOU!!!

It is 2013 and the world is changing faster than ever!  Advertising, marketing, public relations and sales are all intertwined with web sites, mobile web sites, E-Commerce solutions, coupons, customer loyalty programs, strategic alliances, QR Codes, social media, and search engine optimization just to name a few.  Our mission is to assist businesses that can not afford a sophisticated, high-priced marketing department; yet, still want their share of the market and are serious about outpacing competition and increasing revenues.  Versatile Media and Marketing Concepts is an organization that can set forth

a strategy and a  a program designed to meet your needs and your budget.  We service our clients with everything from mobile web site adaptation and custom web design to e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, and/or complete business and marketing plans.













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